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Generating MIDI with physics

This is an idea for an application that generates MIDI notes from moving machine parts. Not real machines however, but software simulations. Cogs, wheels and gears that rhythmically rotate and drive each other and while doing so transmit their rotation, torque and most importantly their collisions as MIDI notes and CC messages.

Euclidean MIDI Patterns

In January I posted a Euclidean rhythm generator in Flash. Polyrhythms generated by a mathematical algorithm. I wanted the next version to be able to send MIDI, so I could use it with software like Ableton Live and hardware music machines like my Elektron Machinedrum. Since Flash doesn’t do MIDI I spent the last few… Read more »

MIDI and XML for a drum machine

As a next project I want to make a simple drum machine. Several tracks that each play a different drum sample and each track has sixteen steps. Just like a Roland 808 or the main step sequencer in FruityLoops. It’s nothing complicated but it made me think about how to store the patterns the drum… Read more »