Artist Statement

My paintings are based on collages of photos I find online. I like to create scenes with a certain strangeness out of images of everyday life. For this I choose photos of daily life in the city, because that’s the environment I live in.

I browse the internet and scroll through folders of images on my laptop to find photos I might use. Ultimately some images will stick in my mind. I then cut, paste and combine photos until I find a combination that interests or attracts me. Sometimes it’s a scene I somehow recognize, sometimes a situation I remember. Sometimes it’s just colours I like or a combination of photos that surprises me.

The painting transforms the collage of photos from different sources into a new whole. It makes me see the picture as a newly created scene on it’s own, not as photos that are memories of situations that happened in other times and other places.

The strange shifts in reality that the collages cause, make me look with a fresh and sharp eye at common scenes of daily life that otherwise wouldn’t catch my attention anymore. Also I like that there’s a feeling of freedom in the idea that the better and the closer you look, the more you can find strangeness behind the surface of everyday life.