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Slicer with waveform display

This slicer works the same as the previous one. Only difference is that is uses eight slices instead of sixteen. The new stuff is in the interface: Waveforms to see what’s playing. And nicer to look at as well. To use this app you can click the buttons as before to select a slice to… Read more »

A basic slicer

This is it! The first one: A slicer. It loads and plays an MP3 file. But not only that. It divides the file in sixteen equal parts and you can change the order in which the parts are played. When it’s loaded the slicer plays all the parts in the right order. Part 1, 2,… Read more »

A blog on Flash and audio

Oh yes! Finally I have my own blog. I’ve had this domain for years, but didn’t really have any use for it. I just got it because it was there – my own name as a dot com. Better get it before someone else does. Especially before one of those companies get it that… Read more »