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Interview online at Hong Kong Art Tutoring

An interview with me was published last week on Hong Kong Art Tutoring organises art courses in Hong Kong by artist and founder Gail Deayton. The weblog of its site has a long history of initiating and publishing interviews with artists in its “Artist of the Week” section. I had been there several times… Read more »

Sharks Eat Meat

Sharks Eat Meat is a daily international art blog from Brooklyn, New York that shows one artwork per day, every day. Over the years it turned into a beautiful art collection and I was very happy to be asked to contribute. Curator John Aaron Coulter chose my painting ‘Sluier’ to be the artwork for day… Read more »

Don’t DJ – Metasepia

A different bit of news is that I’ve been involved in a music project. A 12” vinyl record has been released which includes a printed conversation between musician Florian Meyer and me. The record was released last month under its full title: Arthur Boto Conley’s Music Workshop Presents “Don’t DJ / Metasepia” Travel By Goods… Read more »

Art Against Society

Art Against Society is a weblog that I like for it’s choices on the stranger side of art. I’ve visited it regularly over the past year and I am often surprised by the weirdness of the artworks. Surreal, lowbrow, abstract and gothic is what curator Cali Vasaturo calls it. 2015 ended for me with my… Read more »

The Burning Ear

The Burning Ear, a music blog based in Los Angeles, selected my painting “Square” to accompany a post about the rock band Spirit Animal. It’s really great how well the written description on the page fits the painting: Time to lace up the walking shoes and get out there in the fall air with some… Read more »

Art People Gallery

Art People Gallery created an album of my paintings on their Facebook page. More than 1000 likes already in the first week! Have a look at the Facebook photo album here.

Cross Connect Magazine

Cross Connect Magazine this week posted a nice selection of my paintings in an article on their website. The article is titled ‘Digital Collages’ and can be found here: Cross Connect Magazine is a website maintained by an international group of artists, designers and enthousiasts presenting new art, music and design. New articles about… Read more »

Collaged Spaces

BLEND IMAGES stock photo agency from Seattle featured my paintings on their weblog in a post titled “Collaged Spaces” I like that title a lot. Although they are a photo agency, their blog has a lot of posts about painters, illustrators and designers. Their love for images clearly goes much further than photography alone. The… Read more »

Booooooom Artist Spotlight today posted an “Artist Spotlight” that features my paintings! It’s a site I’ve been following for quite some time because I highly value their choice of artworks, so I’m very proud to be featured in a post. About Booooooom, from their website Booooooom was launched in 2008 by Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada. It… Read more »