Music Pattern Generator

MPG 2.1 screenshot

Music Pattern Generator v2.1 is a web app for making complex polyrhythms. Animated graphics make the patterns easy to create and understand.

This app is a new version of my old Euclidean Pattern Generator. I rewrote it in JavaScript so it now runs in the browser, although it can also be downloaded and installed as a desktop app for Linux, Mac or Windows.

Try the app online at (Chrome or Brave browsers only), read an introduction and overview here on my site, watch a tutorial video, download a desktop installer or view the source files.

A piece of music I made with rhythms created with the Music Pattern Generator:


Volca-Freesound, screenshot of the app.

Volca-Freesound is an online app I made for the Korg Volca Sample. I downloads random sounds from the audio database and transfers them to a Volca Sample connected to the computer with an audio cable. Please find an article about the app in the tech section of this site.

The app runs in the browser, open it here:

In my work I often find it interesting to use a process that includes a form of randomness. In this case the memory of a sample player is filled with random sounds. These sounds can then be used to create music with. This is a piece of music made with a set of random sounds on the Volca:

Selah magazine

Selah magazine kindly invited me to submit some paintings for their third, fall 2018 issue. The printed magazine arrived in the mail today, a great looking small-form magazine filled with poems and artworks.

Selah is a new art and literary magazine from Covington, Louisiana, USA.



This year I’ve joined artist network untitledxxi. They kindly invited me after we came in contact on Instagram.

Untitledxxi is an international artists network that offers a digital platform by running a website and being active on various social media. It also deploys real world activities by organising exhibitions and by finding spaces for artists to show their work.

The website is at, and on Instagram.

My artist page is here:öller/

Spotlight at Online Galerij

Online galerij

Art website published a Spotlight article about my paintings. Online Galerij is a Dutch website for culture and visual arts that aims to widen the interest in art to a broader public.

Online galerij is very active in publishing articles, so my spotlight moves down quickly in the list of recent posts. Here’s a direct link to my spotlight:

A music video about the Weesperplein

During the summer the idea grew to try and combine images and sound. To see how they influence each other, and in the expectation that it might lead to new ideas for paintings. And possibly to new ideas for music as well.

The idea took the form of a music video. This summer I made a recording with a small compact camera in a fixed position on one of the Weesperplein metro station entrances. It’s close to my home in Amsterdam. I used the audio track as the base to build the music on. And edited the video by moving small clips of the video around in time, so time starts to repeat itself. Small bits of daily life keep on returning, like repeating patterns in music.

Painting of the Year 2016

Schilderij van het jaar

I’m very proud to tell that my painting ‘Parkeerplaats’ won the ‘Schilderij van het Jaar 2016’ (Painting of the Year 2016) award, a prize for artists from the Netherlands and Belgium.

After several rounds of jury selections, the final winners were announced on January 14th at the CODA Museum in the city of Apeldoorn.

You can find the announcement and jury report here on the site of Schilderij van het Jaar.

After the announcements an exhibition opened at the CODA Museum that shows works by the 10 finalists, and which includes two of my paintings. The exhibition lasts until february 26th. Please find the exhibition information here.

Parkeerplaats nominated for prize

Schilderij van het Jaar

My painting Parkeerplaats has been nominated for the exhibition and yearly prize ‘Schilderij van het Jaar’ (Painting of the Year) at the CODA museum in the city of Apeldoorn.

The exhibition of paintings by ten selected nominees will be held from January next year at the CODA museum.

More information (in Dutch only) can be found at, where you can still vote for the audience award until the end of November.

The programming weblog is back

For several years I maintained a weblog on this site about programming techniques for audio and graphics, a field in computer programming that always interested me a lot. I removed it however when I found I spent all my time on painting and contributed nothing to the weblog anymore.

The past year I became more and more inspired to pick up programming again. People I met gave me new ideas and there are exciting new developments in online programming that I want to try out.

Visit the weblog here or via the new ‘Blog’ link in the menu above. I hope to add articles again with some regularity.

Artist Spotlight on The 405

The 405 Artist Spotlight

An Artist Spotlight was published this month on The 405! I’m very happy to be there between the music, art, film and tech articles, represented with a large selection of paintings.

See the article here.

About The 405:

The 405 is an independent Music & Culture website with a keen eye for discovering and championing cutting-edge music, film, art, tech and fashion.

The website was founded in 2008 and has since gone on to form substantial partnerships with numerous music festivals (Green Man, Iceland Airwaves, Le Guess Who? to name but a few), receive multiple awards, and work with the likes of the BBC and Red Bull.