New album ‘Sampled Music’

Over the last year I’ve made a lot of new music and now put it online on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

It’s an album made up entirely of sounds that I sampled from records which I bought between the late 1990s and the early 2010s. Each track consists of eight samples recorded in an Elektron Digitakt sampler. I used the Digitakt to create the music patterns as well. To keep the patterns simple the rule was to trigger each sample just once per pattern.

My goal was to create an atmosphere of the minimal electronics records that I started to buy around 2000 and that I still listen to a lot. The sound of Mille Plateaux, ~scape, Force Inc and record labels like these.

It turned out being an album of the kind of music that I like to listen to, and at the same time represents a cross section of my musical tastes over the years.

Video page

Recently I’ve been mainly making videos. Short repeating loops of music synchronised with rhythmic video animations. They are fragments of video that I filmed in Amsterdam and other places that are projected on 3D shapes.

Now that I’ve finished several of these videos I added them to a new video page on the site.

Drawings page

The new Drawings page shows drawings of Amsterdam and other places that I made over the years.

All locations where images were made are visible on the map at the top of the page. A green marker indicates a single drawing, click it to see a small version. Blue markers indicate multiple images close together, click it to zoom in.

Zoom in, out or drag the map to see other images.

Music Pattern Generator v2.2

Music Pattern Generator is an ongoing project of mine. A web app that creates musical rhythm patterns in MIDI. I finished a new update that introduces snapshots.

Snapshots let you store and instantly recall the settings of many rhythm settings at once, which is helpful when switching between sections in a musical piece.

Read the full article in the weblog section of this site.

The app is online here:
User guide and source code:

Kibo Keyboard

kodaly kibo

In collaboration with music technology company Kodaly I started investigating possible web apps for their Kibo MIDI controller.

Kibo Keyboard is a first experiment where I connect a web app running in the Chrome browser to the the Kibo controller via Bluetooth LE, using the MIDI over Bluetooth protocol to send data from the Kibo to the JavaScript app.

Read the full article with video in the weblog section of this site.

Leidseplein project

A project to combine software development and painting.

For this project I filmed the Leidseplein in Amsterdam and then projected the recordings on animated 3D shapes. The resulting recreation of the square (the video above) led to two paintings.

The software that I use to mix video and 3D shapes is an ongoing project, that I develop under the name ‘video-edit-3d’. It’s open source. The source files for the Leidseplein project can be found here:

Singulart online gallery

This year I’ve joined Singulart, who’ve kindly invited me to join their online gallery and art platform. A selection of my paintings is presented for sale on my artist page on Singulart.

Music Pattern Generator

MPG 2.1 screenshot

Music Pattern Generator v2.1 is a web app for making complex polyrhythms. Animated graphics make the patterns easy to create and understand.

This app is a new version of my old Euclidean Pattern Generator. I rewrote it in JavaScript so it now runs in the browser, although it can also be downloaded and installed as a desktop app for Linux, Mac or Windows.

Try the app online at (Chrome or Brave browsers only), read an introduction and overview here on my site, watch a tutorial video, download a desktop installer or view the source files.

A piece of music I made with rhythms created with the Music Pattern Generator:


Volca-Freesound, screenshot of the app.

Volca-Freesound is an online app I made for the Korg Volca Sample. I downloads random sounds from the audio database and transfers them to a Volca Sample connected to the computer with an audio cable. Please find an article about the app in the tech section of this site.

The app runs in the browser, open it here:

In my work I often find it interesting to use a process that includes a form of randomness. In this case the memory of a sample player is filled with random sounds. These sounds can then be used to create music with. This is a piece of music made with a set of random sounds on the Volca:

Selah magazine

Selah magazine kindly invited me to submit some paintings for their third, fall 2018 issue. The printed magazine arrived in the mail today, a great looking small-form magazine filled with poems and artworks.

Selah is a new art and literary magazine from Covington, Louisiana, USA.