Painting of the Year 2016

Schilderij van het jaar

I’m very proud to tell that my painting ‘Parkeerplaats’ won the ‘Schilderij van het Jaar 2016’ (Painting of the Year 2016) award, a prize for artists from the Netherlands and Belgium.

After several rounds of jury selections, the final winners were announced on January 14th at the CODA Museum in the city of Apeldoorn.

You can find the announcement and jury report here on the site of Schilderij van het Jaar.

After the announcements an exhibition opened at the CODA Museum that shows works by the 10 finalists, and which includes two of my paintings. The exhibition lasts until february 26th. Please find the exhibition information here.

Parkeerplaats nominated for prize

Schilderij van het Jaar

My painting Parkeerplaats has been nominated for the exhibition and yearly prize ‘Schilderij van het Jaar’ (Painting of the Year) at the CODA museum in the city of Apeldoorn.

The exhibition of paintings by ten selected nominees will be held from January next year at the CODA museum.

More information (in Dutch only) can be found at, where you can still vote for the audience award until the end of November.

The programming weblog is back

For several years I maintained a weblog on this site about programming techniques for audio and graphics, a field in computer programming that always interested me a lot. I removed it however when I found I spent all my time on painting and contributed nothing to the weblog anymore.

The past year I became more and more inspired to pick up programming again. People I met gave me new ideas and there are exciting new developments in online programming that I want to try out.

Visit the weblog here or via the new ‘Blog’ link in the menu above. I hope to add articles again with some regularity.

Artist Spotlight on The 405

The 405 Artist Spotlight

An Artist Spotlight was published this month on The 405! I’m very happy to be there between the music, art, film and tech articles, represented with a large selection of paintings.

See the article here.

About The 405:

The 405 is an independent Music & Culture website with a keen eye for discovering and championing cutting-edge music, film, art, tech and fashion.

The website was founded in 2008 and has since gone on to form substantial partnerships with numerous music festivals (Green Man, Iceland Airwaves, Le Guess Who? to name but a few), receive multiple awards, and work with the likes of the BBC and Red Bull.

Plantage Etalage

Plantage Etalage

During the month of July my painting ‘Zomer’ (Summer) hangs at the Plantage Etalage in Amsterdam.

Plantage Etalage is a small, one window exhibition space with monthly rotating art exhibitions, initiated by Puntspatie graphic design.

More info on Plantage Etalage’s July exhibition page.


Plantage Etalage is located right opposite the Artis zoo main entrance, just east of Amsterdam centre. The address is Plantage Kerklaan 45. See Google Maps.

Exhibition at Mini Shopping Center of Cool

I’d like to thank everyone who visited the exhibition, attended the opening, sent me messages, left comments on social media sites or otherwise supported me. It was a great first exhibition!

Ehibition opening
Ehibition opening

Painting exhibition opens March 25th

Exhibition opening invitation

Friday March 25th the first ever exhibition of my paintings opens at Mini Shopping Center of Cool in Amsterdam. I’d like to invite everyone to come by, see the paintings, and have a drink and a chat. I’m very happy with this first opportunity to show my paintings in public at such a great place, and have just finished a new painting that’s not on this site yet and that I made especially for this exhibition. It’s the one of which you see a detail in the invitation image above.

The opening will be from 18:00 to 21:00 and I hope to meet all of you there!

Mini Shopping Center of Cool is located at Gravenstraat 4, right in the centre of Amsterdam just behind the Dam Square and Nieuwe Kerk.

Mini Shopping Center of Cool is a shop combined with a gallery that opened at this location in 2015. In their own words:

The Mini Shopping Center Of Cool (MSCOC) is the smallest creative shopping center of Amsterdam.The MSCOC is a platform for young and more established designers. My philosophy is very simple, unique, authentic, graphic design, hand made, printed and produced under their own supervision. No mass production. The items we sell are t-shirts, sweatshirts, accessoires, jewelry, leather goods, illustrations & art prints and books. Also, we organize exhibitions to promote new work.

I really hope to see you at the opening!

Interview online at Hong Kong Art Tutoring

HK Art Tutoring website

An interview with me was published last week on

Hong Kong Art Tutoring organises art courses in Hong Kong by artist and founder Gail Deayton. The weblog of its site has a long history of initiating and publishing interviews with artists in its “Artist of the Week” section. I had been there several times before to read interviews with artists like Pere Llobera and Siobhan McBride, both painters who’s work I like a lot. So I was thrilled to be invited for an interview myself. The article can be found here on the weblog:

Sharks Eat Meat

Sharks Eat Meat website

Sharks Eat Meat is a daily international art blog from Brooklyn, New York that shows one artwork per day, every day. Over the years it turned into a beautiful art collection and I was very happy to be asked to contribute. Curator John Aaron Coulter chose my painting ‘Sluier’ to be the artwork for day 1905, january 10th 2016!

See the page for day 1905 here:

About Sharks Eat Meat:

Sharks Eat Meat is a collective of contemporary artists who post new artwork every day through their blog. The website’s current curators are Ashly Bohinc and John Coulter. The blog features artists from all over the world and the collection includes photos, paintings, prints, videos and animations, sculptures, fashion and accessories, mixed media works, experimental cat art, and more. The blog has been updated daily for several years now featuring recent works by young artists and encourages new submissions.

Don’t DJ – Metasepia

A different bit of news is that I’ve been involved in a music project. A 12” vinyl record has been released which includes a printed conversation between musician Florian Meyer and me. The record was released last month under its full title:

Arthur Boto Conley’s Music Workshop Presents “Don’t DJ / Metasepia”
Travel By Goods TBG06

Metasepia record

Listen to the record on Travel By Good’s Bandcamp page or on the SoundCloud player in this article. See the record’s information on Discogs.

Music and computer programming

Berlin based musician Florian Meyer creates complex poly-rhythmical electronic music under the name Don’t DJ. To perform and to create his music he uses a software program that I developed.

Next to painting I’ve always been interested in music and computer programming. Five years ago I had an idea for a software program that generates complex rhythms in a visually clear and simple way. Rhythm patterns that sound like traditional African or Latin American rhythms but that are actually generated by a mathematical formula.

The idea started with a paper I read by Canadian professor Godfried Toussaint about using the Euclidean algorithm to generate musical rhythms. It made me think of a way to turn this theory into an easy to use software program. I wrote the program and used it to make music. I also made it available online as freeware for anyone to download.

Read an article about the Euclidean rhythms idea on my old programming weblog.
For the coders: Source files on GitHub.

Travel By Goods

ArtAgainstSociety website

Last year artist Thomas Baldischwyler who runs the Travel By Goods record label contacted me. The next release on his label would be music by Florian Meyer. As Florian used my software for two of the three tracks on the record, Thomas had the idea to include a printed conversation between Florian and me with the release. A conversation between the musician who uses computer software to create his music and the computer programmer who invented and created the software might be interesting, he thought.

This summer we met in Berlin and recorded the conversation

Now, at the end of 2015, the record was released and is available in record shops and online. It’s a beautiful printed gatefold cover with triangular cutout in the front that shows the folded poster inside. The vinyl record itself has a hidden extra at the end: a locked groove!