This website shows my work. I’m a painter as well as a software developer. In my work I try to connect these fields. Next to paintings and software this can result in video, animation or electronic music.

On this page you find a chronologic overview of my recent work, loosely grouped by project. Please click the project descriptions for more information.

Volca-Freesound Software project & source files
Three Day Walk Project description

On three consecutive afternoons in May 2018 I filmed walking the same route through Madrid. From Calle Mayor, across Puerta del Sol, along Carrera de San Jerónimo to Plaza de Canalegas.

The Three Day Walk video shows all days of the walk combined. Parts of each day play synchronised so that they show the same location, but on different days.

Scenes of all days combined are interspersed with scenes from just one day, where strips of video are shifted fractions of seconds in time. The scene changes follow the music, and the video ends with the demonstration that I ended up in on the last day.

In the drawings and paintings I use the same shifts in time and place that a moving camera produces, and that I played with in the video.

Puerta del Sol
sketch puerta del sol 11
sketch puerta del sol 12
sketch puerta del sol 14
sketch puerta del sol 15
Generated collages Project description

I often play with images in Photoshop to start ideas for paintings. I was interested to find if software could help me.

Collage App is a piece of software I wrote that selects random images from folders on my computer, and cuts and pastes them into collages. All in a fraction of a second. I sit back and at each button click a new photo collage appears on screen.

The app is meant as a tool to help me find combinations of images that I wouldn’t come up with myself. In the end I found that the results are mostly too random to be useful. Even after careful tuning of the program. But it did set me on the track to combine abstract patterns and photographic images.

Collage app Software project & source files
painting traffic 2
painting landmarks
digital photo collage 14
digital photo collage 48
digital photo collage 95
digital photo collage 97
digital photo collage 182
digital photo collage 189
digital photo collage 195
digital photo collage 218
digital photo collage 220
digital photo collage 233
digital photo collage 259
Berliner Dom Project description

In Berliner Dom I tried the idea of filming a building from two angles, and then constructing new views of the building by combining parts of the two videos. The Berliner Dom music video consists of six scenes that show six different views of the building.

An added effect is that in some scenes the Berlin television tower exists twice.

Another experiment in the video was to split the scenes of cars and people walking by in the foreground into many layers of just a few pixels, and to shift each layer a small amount in time. The result is a strange fluid movement that I also used for a painting.

painting pedestrians
sketch berliner dom 1
sketch berliner dom 2
sketch berliner dom 3
sketch berliner dom 4
painting white house
Weesperplein Project description

The Weesperplein video is a collage in time. The camera filmed the Weesperplein square in a fixed position, so that I could copy slices of video and move them back and forward in time. The buildings, trees and scenery remain in place, but the cars, trams and people seem to randomly appear and disappear.

I made the Weesperplein music video especially because I thought it would give me interesting source material for paintings. After the video was done I made three paintings from stills of the video, or from Photoshop collages of combined video stills.

painting weesperplein 2
painting weesperplein 3
painting weesperplein 1
Video Edit Software project & source files
sketch weesperplein 1
sketch weesperplein 2
sketch weesperplein 4
sketch weesperplein 21
sketch weesperplein 22
sketch weesperplein 7
sketch weesperplein 26