This website shows my work. I’m a painter as well as a software developer. In my work I try to connect these fields. Next to paintings and software this can result in video, animation or electronic music.

On this page you find a chronologic overview of my recent work, loosely grouped by project. Please click the project descriptions for more information.


Volca-Freesound is an app to load random samples on the Korg Volca Sample. I made it to make music on the Volca Sample, of course, and to get experience developing apps with React, Redux and the React Starter Kit.

You open the app in a browser, connect an audio cable from the headphone output to the Korg Volca Sample. The app downloads random sounds from audio database and sends them to the Volca Sample. After some time your Volca Sample is filled with new unexpected sounds to make music with.

Three Day Walk

On three days in May 2018 I filmed walking the same route through Madrid. From these recordings I made a video that shows similarities and differences of the same places at different times.

Based on the video's movements and repetitions in time and place I afterwards made several drawings and paintings.

Puerta del Sol
sketch puerta del sol 11
sketch puerta del sol 12
sketch puerta del sol 14
sketch puerta del sol 15
Collage generator

Collage App is a computer program that creates photo collages. It randomly selects images stored on a computer and cuts and pastes them into collages. It's an experiment to see if a computer could assist in the creative process.

Although it does offer unexpected image combinations, I found that the results are mostly too random to be useful. Even after careful tuning of the program. I do still use the program however because it's fun to see what it comes up with.

Berliner Dom

An experiment to create new views of a city. Non-existent views of the Berliner Dom are shown by combining videos of the building filmed from different angles.

While the new Berliner Dom stands silent in the background people and traffic move by in a steady stream, sometimes falling apart in rhythmic patterns.

painting pedestrians
sketch berliner dom 1
sketch berliner dom 2
sketch berliner dom 3
sketch berliner dom 4

Video as a collage in time. I filmed the Weesperplein in a fixed position, then copied slices of video back and forward in time. The surroundings remain in place while cars, trams and people appear and disappear.

I made the Weesperplein music video to find if it would give me interesting source material for paintings. After the video was done I made three paintings based on stills from the video.