Artist Statement

I am a painter and a computer programmer. I’m involved in electronic music too. But I’m unable to focus on just one of these. They’re all important to me.

In my work I try to find connections between these three fields.

I use video as a medium between programming, painting and music. Video combines images and sound. The images can be filmed reality or abstract animations. The sounds can be recorded surroundings or composed music.

I like how a painting can lead me to new ways to edit a video, that I can write the software to perform those edits, that a video makes me want to write music for it, and that the music’s rhythm ends up as patterns in a painting. I like to create a computer program that generates collages from randomly picked photos, and to see if that helps me make paintings.

And I mostly like the freedom of the many directions it lets me go in.


Notes for a random photo collage generating program.