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This is a blog about Flash and audio. I’m interested in lots of different aspects of audio, music and (ActionScript) programming: Manipulating existing sounds (like samplers do), generating new sounds (like synthesizers), capturing and storing musical data (as used in composition, sequencers and MIDI) etc. And with Flash 10 Adobe added a new feature to the ActionScript language: Dynamic Sound! Where audio in Flash used to be restricted to playback of MP3 files, now you can do anything you want! (Well, in theory you can.) (And with some latency.) But what I mean is that you have complete freedom to send anything you want to the soundcard. Beautiful music or random noise, inside the computer it’s all numbers that the soundcard converts to sound. I’ve worked with Flash and ActionScript for about ten years (since Flash 4, in 2000) and have been involved in music a lot longer, playing in bands first and producing electronic music later (since the late 90’s). Now it’s possible to combine the two and I’ll use this blog to post experiments and findings that I think are interesting, that I’m proud of or that might be useful to others. Next to publishing stuff I like on these pages I work at an online advertising company in Amsterdam as a Flash Developer. There’s some examples on the portfolio page of projects I worked on.

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