A basic slicer

Part of the slicer

Part of the slicer

This is it! The first one: A slicer.

It loads and plays an MP3 file. But not only that. It divides the file in sixteen equal parts and you can change the order in which the parts are played.

When it’s loaded the slicer plays all the parts in the right order. Part 1, 2, 3 and up until part 16. With the buttons you can change the order and for example play part 4, then 3, 11, 8 and so on. With the right MP3 loop this will create all kinds of interesting rhythmic variations.

It works best if the MP3 file is a short piece of music with a steady rhythm that loops seamlessly (so the start and end of the sound fit together exactly). Then every slice has a little bit of rhythm in it. Just one or two sounds like a kick or snare drum.

Best to check it out for yourself. I will put the actual SWF files on the ‘Read more’ pages of the posts, so they won’t all be playing at the same time and use up each other’s CPU cycles.

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A blog on Flash and audio

Oh yes! Finally I have my own blog.

I’ve had this www.hisschemoller.com domain for years, but didn’t really have any use for it. I just got it because it was there – my own name as a dot com. Better get it before someone else does. Especially before one of those companies get it that buy domain names just to sell them for a profit. “Get some money out of those Hisschemöllers” they might think. That’s not how the internet should work.

Now I have a use: The past months I’ve been getting more and more into programming audio stuff with Flash. Small experiments with sound, music, samples etcetera. I’ll post those Flash files here. And the sources as well if I come up with anything good. I learned a lot from other blogs, so now I can do something in return.