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Euclidean rhythms update

There’s an error in the Euclidean rhythms generator I posted in January. A few days ago I got a comment by Thomas pointing out the app generates wrong patterns. And he’s absolutely right. Here’s an updated version in which I rewrote the algorithm code. I checked it with several patterns and they all came out… Read more »

Audio Editor 1.1

While cleaning up my laptop’s hard drive I found an update to the audio editor I posted here last year. Not radically different, but maybe useful to someone. Its new feature is the loop function. Toggle the loop button and playback loops between the start marker (S) and the end marker (E). Just like you’d… Read more »

Euclidean rhythms

Last week I read a really interesting article about computer generated rhythms: “Generating African rhythms using the euclidean algorithm” on Ruin & Wesen’s website. Usually I’m not so impressed by generative and algorithmic music, but this formula gives some very cool results.

Audio Editor 1.0

A useful application! I posted a lot of experimental stuff on this weblog over the past year. Or components that might have their use when built into proper applications. But this is my first web app that’s useful on it’s own. This is a simple Flash audio editor that works in the browser. Everything it… Read more »

Animation & audio synchronization

It’s not that easy to synchronize programmed animation and dynamic sound in Flash. To have something happen on screen at exactly the same time a sound starts to play. I thought about it a bit and came up with two different scenarios where audio and visuals need to be synchronized: The first is where a… Read more »

Augmented reality and sound

Yes I know, it’s the hype of 2009 and we’re in 2010 now, but I haven’t seen anything yet where augmented reality is combined with sound. If you do know examples of augmented reality and audio, please leave a comment. I’d love to see what other people do with it. This is a small experiment… Read more »

MP3 Wave Display 2

Wave Display 2 is an improved version of the last one (in the previous post). A few things had to be rewritten in the code for waveform rendering, and there were some extra features I wanted to include to make the application a bit more interesting to use. The new features in this version: Audio… Read more »

MP3 Wave Display

2010! A new year, a new decennium even! This year I want to be more consistent in publishing articles on this weblog. That’s my new year’s resolution. The first one of the new year is more of a utility than a complete application. It’s a wave display; It loads an MP3 file and displays the… Read more »

Sine synthesizer with PureMVC

The past weeks I’ve been learning PureMVC. It had been on my mind for some time, and now that a project (a pianoroll type MIDI editor) became too complicated and the lack of structure took the fun out of programming I figured it was time for a nice new clean framework.

Step sequencer / drum machine

Here is a basic step sequencer for creating rhythms. The sounds it plays are small MP3 files. Short sound clips of drum noises, blips and plings. So it’s more a sample player than a drum synth. But the main thing is that it loads and plays rhythm patterns and that the patterns can easily be… Read more »